Mel Owen Music is strongly committed to music education. In addition to providing music lessons in our store, we offer affordable rental programs for students participating in school music courses or studying with a private teacher. We also work closely with band and orchestra directors throughout the area. Our representatives make weekly visits to many schools in the Louisville Metro area to deliver repairs and needed supplies.

Benefits to Playing Music

Learning to play a musical instrument as a child may help keep the mind sharp for years after the last note is played. A new study suggests childhood music lessons may improve brain function and combat the effects of aging on the brain. Researchers found older adults who took music lessons as a child performed better on memory and brain function tests than those who never learned how to read music or play an instrument. Click on the link below to read the full article. 

SOURCES: Hanna-Pladdy, B. Neuropsychology, April 22, 2011; vol 25: pp 378-386.News release, American Psychological Association.

Harmony Music Program – New York City