Butler High School Band

Welcome to the Butler Band page on MelOwenMusic.com
Below you will find supplies that Mr. Gordon has approved for his students. Scroll down to find your instrument and click on the link to view books and accessories you can purchase on this site. NOTE: The shopping cart button can only be accessed on this page and the instrument pages below once an item has been added to the cart.

Delivery Option:

If you would like your order to be dropped off at Butler High School, follow the instructions below. A store representative typically delivers to Butler once a week.

  1. When filling in the shipping address, type your student’s name under first name and last name. Type the name of the school under “Company” and fill in the address of the school.
  2. When choosing a Shipping Method, select “Deliver to Local School (Louisville Area Only).”
  3. Enter card information and select “Use a different billing address.” This is where you will enter the information (name and address) of the card holder.
  4. An email will be sent to the email address provided in the order to serve as confirmation and will include an estimated delivery date.

CAUTIONWhen using payments such as Apple Pay or PayPal, your shipping and billing address may be changed to a default setting. Be sure your shipping address does not change after selecting method of payment.