Flutes, Clarinets, and Piccolos

Used Buffet R13 Clarinet – $2000

Includes Richard Hawkins mouthpiece and Vandoren Optimum ligature.

3SHB Gemeinhardt Flute

Sale Price $959.00

With French key mechanism, a silver headjoint and a B footjoint, the Gemeinhardt 3SHB conservatory flute is one of the most desired step-up flutes offered today.

3SB Gemeinhardt Flute

Sale Price $1399.00

Head: Solid Silver

Body: Solid Silver

Keys: Silver-Plated

The Gemeinhardt 3SB conservatory flute comes with a B footjoint, silver headjoint and body, and offers specifications many teachers recommend as the ideal step-up flute for advancing musicians.

4SP Gemeinhardt Piccolo

Sale Price $929.00

This silver plated piccolo features a conical bore design with the attributes of a silver plated instrument to ensure durability and ease of care and maintenance.

Selmer CL201 Standard Series
Step-Up Bb Clarinet (Wood)

Model CL201 delivers a more focused, professional sound based on a wider flare in the top of the upper joint and a more cylindrical bell

AF600SEBOF $1,176.00

  • Sterling Silver Haynes Classic headjoint
  • Silver-plated body – .016 wall thickness
  • Boston Haynes Shop set-up
  • Open hole, Y-arm key cups
  • B foot
  • Stainless steel springs, Natural cork bumpers
  • Pisoni Deluxe pads
  • Bottom mounted adjusting screws
  • French wood case (C foot: AFC1-C / B foot: AFC1-B)
  • Nylon case cover (C foot: AFCC1-C / B foot: AFCC1-B)
  • Includes cloth & cleaning rod
  • Offset G

Used Gemeinhardt 3SB Flute
Sale Price – $800

Gemeinhardt 3SB Flute Head Joint
Gemeinhardt 3SB Flute

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