1) Why is one contract “Rental” and the other “Lease/Purchase”?  

The “Lease/Purchase” contract is used for band instruments and full size orchestral string instruments.  Under this plan, payments made apply to the purchase of the instrument you are leasing.  The “Orchestra Rental Agreement” is for 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 size violin, viola, and cello or 1/2 bass (as available).  Under this plan, monthly rental fees paid accumulate for a maximum of 36 months as a credit toward the purchase of a new full size instrument of the type the student is renting when they reach full size.

2) What size Orchestra Instrument do I need?

We can size students at the store or your child’s teacher may recommend a size to rent for your child.

3) What do I do when my child grows out of his/her Orchestra Instrument?

You may exchange to the next size up. The rent credit transfers until the student reaches a full size instrument.

4) How long do I have to continue the plan?

While both the Lease/Purchase and Orchestra Rental Agreements allow for 100% of the regular monthly payments (up to 36 months) to apply toward the purchase of an instrument, both plans are month to month.  The instrument may be returned at any time. Upon return, payments made are non-refundable and have no value toward the purchase of any product sold by Mel Owen Music. There is no obligation to purchase an instrument.

5) What if my student changes their mind about what they want to play?

An instrument can be exchanged up to the last 6 months of the contract for any other listed in the same group on the front of the original contract.  Regular monthly payments made on the original contract for the first 12 months will transfer to the next instrument.

6) Do you offer a Maintenance Plan?  How much?

We offer an optional Comprehensive Maintenance Plan (CMP).  All repairs and adjustments must be done by Mel Owen Music.  Coverage includes damage due to normal use.   Neglect and misuse are not covered.  So, please DON’T use the instrument in playground games, leave it out in the rain, or clean it in the dishwasher.  Read the contract for details and limitations of coverage.

7) What else is included FREE with the Instrument?

Orchestra Instruments – Violin and Viola (Case, Bow, Rosin & Name Tag).  Cello and Bass (Padded Bag, Bow, Rosin, End Pin Rest, and Name Tag).

Band Instruments – Brass Instruments (Case, Mouthpiece, Oil & Name Tag).  Saxophone and Clarinet (Case, Mouthpiece,  2 Reeds, Cork Grease, Swab & Name Tag).  Flute (Case, Cleaning Rod & Name Tag). Percussion Kit (Sticks and/or Mallets, Carrying Bag on wheels, Practice Pad & Name Tag).

8) How can I pay each month?

Auto Charge is the easiest way. By this method, we automatically charge your provided debit or credit card every month you keep the instrument.  However, we can send a payment coupon book so you can mail a check, pay in person, or pay over the phone monthly with a debit or credit card. Payments can also be made online, using your account information, at www.melowenmusic.com/rentalpayment

9) Is there a deposit required?

Only the 1st regular monthly payment is due at the time that the instrument is picked up. No additional deposit is required.

10) Can my child take their instrument on the bus?

Large instruments such as Cello, Trombone, Baritone, Percussion Kit, and Tenor Saxophone are typically not allowed on the bus.

11) What is Mel Owen Music’s service area?

Mel Owen Music proudly provides this rental service to Louisville, southern Indiana, and the surrounding counties.

12) What do I need to get an instrument?

From the student – to be fitted with the appropriate size string instrument by the director, private instructor, or by an employee at Mel Owen Music.

From the adult signing the contract and picking up the instrument – 1) A valid KY or IN Driver’s License or photo ID  2) A completely filled out Rental or Lease/Purchase Agreement  3) Credit approval.  All 3 of these must be from the same person.  The person signing the contract will be responsible for the instrument and the monthly payments that will continue until the instrument is returned to Mel Owen Music in good condition (normal wear expected) or purchased as in the case of the Lease/Purchase Agreement.

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