1) What instruments do you repair?

All Brass, Woodwinds, Strings and Percussion.

2) How much does it cost to get my instrument repaired?

Most repairs require an estimate at no charge.

3) Are repairs performed in-house?

Yes, all repairs are performed in-house by qualified technicians with over 40 years of combined experience.

4) How long do repairs take?

Time will be provided with the estimate. Most repairs are completed within 5-7 business days.
Due to coronavirus, we are requiring that repair instruments go through a 4 day quarantine when it arrives and another 4 day quarantine after it is fixed before the customer is allowed to pick it up.

5) Can you sell me the parts to repair my instrument myself?

Generally not. With very few exceptions, most parts have to be fit and installed correctly. Performing work on your own instrument may void any warranty.

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